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The America’s SAP Users’ Group (ASUG) is the world’s largest independent organization of SAP companies and partners in the world.  More than 75% of SAP America’s customers belong to ASUG.  The organization focuses on on-going education of its members, providing networking opportunities for SAP peers and SAP representatives, and influencing the future direction of SAP software. lists numerous useful SAP R/3 BASIS Administration Documents Collected from all over the Internet, including valuable SAP Security documentation.  These sites also offer links to top Security OSS Notes and SAP Gui Tips. is your portal to everything SAP throughout the Internet.  The site contains resource listings on a wealth of topics from books and events to locating staff and everything in between.

SAP Community is where SAP experts, customers and business leaders gather to exchange insights, solve problems and share ideas.  Registration is free and permits access to all membership areas.

SAP INFO is both an on-line and print magazine which provides the SAP community with current information and knowledge about SAP solutions.  The content emphasizes expert articles that are both technical and user-friendly.

SAP Service Marketplace contains a variety of internet portals that enable true collaboration among SAP, its customers and partners.

SAP Audit Information System (AIS) on SAP Marketplace provides new methodical approaches for auditing SAP.  Using AIS for auditing of SAP improves the process and its quality.  AIS concentrates on the auditing standards and requirements of internal and external auditing.

SAP Packaged Solution Compliance Management for Sarbanes-Oxley (SOA) is an offering of SAP which enhances and adds functionality to mySAP ERP to assist SAP customers with SOA compliance.  Standard-delivered SAP functionality facilitates a “trusted accounting” environment, where the inherit transparency of the supporting information technology reduces the opportunity to commit fraud.  The additional Compliance Management for SOA packaged solution offers enhancements to existing Audit Information System (AIS) (assists with SOA sections 302 and 404), Management of Internal Controls (MIC) application (assists with SOA sections 302 and 404), and SAP Whistle Blower (assists with SOA section 301).

Note: Access to the SAP Service Marketplace requires a user ID and password.  Customers and partners can use their existing SAP Service Marketplace user ID (S-user).  If you do not have an S-user ID, you can request one with specific authorizations from your SAP systems administration team or you can register as a new user with read-only access on the SAP Service Marketplace homepage.


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