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Case Study: Simplify the User Experience

Challenge:   This large Internet Service Provider implemented the full R/3 suite of modules, as well as diverse component systems such as BW, SRM, SEM-BCS, and SEM-BPS. The challenge for the client related to the cost and effort to support 5,200 users for:
  • Distribution of the SAP GUI
  • Updates/Patches for the SAP GUI
  • Password Administration procedures for multiple component systems
  • Multiple component system log-in requirements
  • Process to create and maintain User Master Record (UMR) information

The client wanted to make the systems accessible to the end-user community through a “single-point of entry,” while still retaining the appropriate control and security standards.


SAP Enterprise Portal is a solution for obtaining a “single-point of entry” to the various SAP component systems. Enterprise Portal can also reduce the number of SAP GUIs that have to be distributed and installed to the end-user community, which reduces the number of SAP GUI updates that have to be pushed out to the user community. This reduces cost and effort required by the Systems Administration team.

With the use of a Corporate LDAP and Single-Sign-On (SSO) technology, UMR creation and maintenance can be streamlined and centralized. The Corporate LDAP provides UMR information that is automatically read into SAP Enterprise Portal. When a role is assigned to a UMR within the SAP Enterprise Portal, the User is automatically replicated to the SAP component system.

Therefore, if Central User Administration is activated within the SAP component systems, the UMR and accompanying address information is created in the SAP component systems by simply assigning a role within the SAP Enterprise Portal. There is no need to create a UMR in the component system.

Cost reduction is also achieved by centralizing the password administration within the SAP Enterprise Portal. With the use of the LDAP and SSO, a user has to remember only one password. This reduces the number of help desk tickets for password resets for the various SAP component systems.

Result:   The client was able to achieve cost savings and enhance the user experience through the use of SAP Enterprise Portal. The time spent by the Security and Basis teams to administer user accounts and the distribution of the SAP GUI were greatly reduced, while the user experience was improved by streamlining the users’ logon to a single point.
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