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Application Security Production Support Services

During an SAP implementation often there are trade-offs made between meeting a go-live date and implementing optimally designed security.  Similarly, when companies utilize a phased implementation approach, chances are fairly good there was more phase-specific customization to the “global template” security approach than anticipated.

Once an SAP system has gone live and the consultants have left, the system continues to evolve and grow.  Requirements for the system will change over time as the enterprise grows:  end users become more sophisticated, new functionality is required by the business, and the system will need to be upgraded.  Whatever the case may be, The Hermosa Beach Consulting Group offers assistance in providing Security Production Support. 

Production Support Team Leadership and Staffing

The Hermosa Beach Consulting Group is an organization of seasoned consultants contributing years of Big-4 or SAP America experience.  Our consultants have been involved with multiple projects and have a wide breadth of industry experience.  Our project leads have leadership experience with some of the largest and most complex global SAP implementations to date.

Training and Education

Each of our consultants is a technical expert in his or her field and has cross functional experience.  We provide specialized training catered to your company’s particular application security requirements.  Our staff has experience in leading technical security workshops, one-on-one training, as well as sessions for business process data owners to explain the authorization concept.  All of our implementation engagements include Knowledge Transfer to appropriate parties.

Security Governance Policies and Procedures

Sound change management policies and procedures are an important part of maintaining a secure system environment.  Security Governance involves business ownership of the controls environment to ensure compliance with company policies and procedures.  The Hermosa Beach Consulting Group has industry best practice experience in the design and implementation of governance procedures to fit business requirements.  Policies and procedures are designed to ensure proper approval, communication, testing, and documentation are maintained before any changes are made within the secure environment.  Our consultants have experience in implementing both manual and workflow-driven governance solutions.

Additions to Scope

The end of a project and a successful go-live represent a new beginning for a company.  SAP systems continue to grow and evolve with a company over time.  Companies may face challenges and require security project management or resource assistance from time to time, such as bringing a new site or location onto the system, adding new modules or functionality to the system, or adding a new component system to the landscape.  System growth represents potential increased security and controls complexity.  The Hermosa Beach Consulting Group is experienced in assisting enterprises meet their on-going growth requirements while minimizing complexity and maximizing integration with the existing security strategy.

Security Related Tasks for Upgrades

System upgrades must also include consideration of the security environment.  Customized tables, transactions, and security objects need to be tested and integrated in the upgrade process.  The Hermosa Beach Consulting Group understands these requirements and limitations and can assist in upgrade projects.  Our best practice methodology helps clients to go through an upgrade with minimal impact to the integrity of implemented security in the SAP system.

Security Optimization Services

Managing a security and controls landscape can be an overwhelming task.  With an ever changing system environment, new application users, terminated users, reporting requirements, system upgrades, and monitoring control procedures (just to name a few), it can be easy to lose track of access being granted in the system.  The Hermosa Beach Consulting Group has experience in developing and implementing process and procedures to better manage security and controls environments.  As part of change management procedures, we integrate best practice application and/or monitoring controls to prevent security surprises from affecting a productive system.  Our solutions help clients to efficiently maintain a secured and controlled environment, allowing business owners to rest assured that their data is protected.

Application Security Evaluation Services

When a security manager receives a 20 page audit report detailing security and controls weaknesses, it can be an embarrassment.  More importantly, it means that the system and data have been improperly exposed for a period of time.  The Hermosa Beach Consulting Group can assist in the identification and remediation of application security and control weaknesses.  Our consultants are former Big-4 audit and consulting professionals with deep knowledge of audit requirements.  We provide in-depth security and controls evaluations, not only detailing application risks, but best practice solutions to minimize or eliminate exposure.  We utilize our industry best practice methodology to inform clients of the application risks before an audit occurs.

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